Hygiene and Prevention

Prevention is the cornerstone of this practice. After all "prevention is better than cure". As a team we will be working with you to reduce any damage to your teeth and gums. We may ask about your medical health, diet, at home oral hygiene routine or lifestyle, as these can all effect your oral health. Then after a thorough examination we may discuss various preventative options. These are designed to protect and strengthen your teeth and gums.

Visits with our friendly hygienist Ian, may be advised. He will help you by removing tartar and plaque from your teeth to help keep your gums healthy. Fissure sealants and fluoride varnishes are also extremely useful in preventing decay and may be suggested. Sometimes it may be as simple as advising a special toothpaste or cleaning practice that you are not used to.

However, we hope that with this approach you will have a better understanding of how to look after your teeth and will be able to work with us to keep your smile healthy.

For new patients to the practice we offer a longer appointment so that Ian can complete a full gum and oral hygiene assessment, giving you more time to discuss and modify your home regime. A perfect starting point for healthier gums and whiter teeth.